Crushing it March

It is that time of the week for who is Crushin’ It in Junior High!  This week’s theme is Persistence- persistence is the ability to stick with something- even when things get tough!

  • Lauren Rich- we love how you take on challenges and set good examples for others!

  • Lucas Wiegand- we love how hard you work to do your best! You always go the extra mile! 

  • Emma Stover-we love how you work hard and you seek help when needed!  

  • Noah Olson- we love how you ask amazing questions and how you build wonderful connections! 

  • Laney McArdle- we love how you are always working hard to improve your grade!  You are willing to do whatever it takes!

  • Kaylynn Crump- we love how you are one of the hardest working students!  You always know what you need to do and you stick with it!