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Dear Lexington #7 Students, Staff, and Families,

Since March of 2020, Lexington #7 has been adapting to constant changes in state guidance, mandates, and executive orders revolving around the pandemic. Throughout all of the changes, our objectives have remained steadfast:   

1) maintain a safe, nurturing environment 

2) keep students learning in-person as much as possible

Please be aware that there are two current court cases regarding face masking in schools that are expected to have decisions passed down in the next few weeks.  The outcome of either of these judgments could have an impact on school districts throughout the state of Illinois. Regardless of what twists and turns come our way moving forward, we will continue to put forth great effort to try to meet our objectives for our students and our families. 

While this most recent Omicron surge has affected our students and staff like nothing we have experienced before, we continue to march on.  To all of our substitutes, our volunteers, our local health care professionals, our parents, our students and our staff, we thank you!  We thank you for your concern. We thank you for your patience. We thank you for your understanding.  We thank you for your efforts.  

I have been truly blessed to have witnessed so many true acts of selflessness during this pandemic.  We have community members who are using time off from their daily employment to fill in as substitutes so our buildings can be fully staffed.  We have had substitutes alter their planned vacations when they knew our buildings were short of help.  We have added new bus drivers to our team to help ensure that our students can get to school, athletic events, and to allow field trips to be able to return.  We have had former employees coming out of retirement to assist us on the front lines with custodial, subbing in the classroom, in our cafeteria, and helping with our healthcare needs. And our staff continue to shine, adjusting their daily schedules to fill in where needed at a minute's notice to make sure our students needs come first.  These folks do not do it for the recognition or the pay, they do it for our kids.  THIS is the culture here at Lexington.  And as parents, we should be so lucky to know that our students are witnessing these selfless acts and have these positive role models surrounding them every day.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative stories being shared in the media around education and schools, especially as of late. But that is not what I see on a daily basis here at Lexington #7.  I see kids learning and growing, fantastic adults teaching and nurturing, and a supportive community always willing to help out.  When we work together towards a common goal, so much can be accomplished and I can think of no better common goal than our kids. I appreciate your time in reading this letter today and wish to leave you with one last positive thought.  This Friday at 9:15 a.m., our kindergartners will be participating in an annual tradition at Lexington #7 as they march the hallways and celebrate the 100th day of school.  While it has not been easy, we should all celebrate and take some pride in this little celebration and what it represents this year. 

Stay well,

Paul T. Deters, Superintendent